torsdag, oktober 19, 2006

Paris in Autumn

Paris in autumn is wonderfully, I made a 5 day trip to visit Herve and Brent came down for work. What a great city an impromptu concert on the steps of the opera house,lunch at a fab little restaurant on an island cross by boat, - visited the new museum of decorative arts at the Louvre which just opened, free days to celebrate well, it is such a treasure trove of French furniture,etc. The most outstanding was the three rooms from the French deco era designer Lavin apartment, peering through the windows into a rare deco room was amazing.

torsdag, august 17, 2006

Old friends in a new town

Well, I have been traveling these last two weeks and here are the highlights-My old friend Marty from cincinnati organised a great trip for us and away we went...

LONDON - last time I was in London I was 8 so lots to catch up on- what a great city not as posh as Paris but easy like I have known this city forever- every place seemed a moment with the past. I was only in London three days so didn't see too much - did a big bus tour -then a day at the British museum and the SOHO pride street festival were I bumped into a few kicks I know from WAIS island! Hello to Andrew and Bruce from rocky bay- great to see you guys. Second day trip to the Tate modern and a close call with a threatening black cyclist in a big hurry. Just when it seemed like old school week - sujata from microsoft new zealand texted me and we met for drinks- too much.

RIGA, Latvia - Interesting city with a unfortunate history but on its way to a bright future -great people with a good spirit about them you can sense the energy of the city. Lovely old town, walkable and interesting - the market built in a group of 1930's zepplin barns is terrific.

TALLIN, Estonia - with a similar history of occupation, the Russians, the soviets,the natsi and the soviets again- tallin has better bones than Riga but not much of the spirit, a lot of poor drunk displaced Russians about and the Estonian almost seemed sarcastic and a bit offput. The place lacks the feel of a living city with the full set up of tourist junk about- not much real living in tallin old city.

HELSINKI, Finland - can't say what it was about Helsinki- great streets with people enjoying the summer wide historic places and finish design. alvar alto, sarinen and marimeko. Smoked fish by the sea and a boat ride to the outer islands

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - what a great city-so easy to arrive at the airport and direct train to the main station. Would like to spend more time here to live a bit in the place- 20 kroner deposit for a free bycyle and a really fun day.

ROSKILDE, Denmark - beautiful small village that features 38 royal graves in one church really interesting history and 35mins from Copenhagen.

KOLDING, Denmark - Last stop, while I was gone Brent assembled all the furniture from ikea- instant apartment. Funny it all reminds me of my brothers place in detoit in the 70's and my apartment in Cincinnati.

fredag, juli 21, 2006

my latest find

Me and light fittings- we have a thing going on. My latest find is fron Yorkshire, the town of Pickering-a flea market stall -these solid brass cherubs had electric lamps as the holes for the wires indicate. With all the new types of light bulbs around led, micro compact fluro maybe these will become something more unusual.

what to do during the day? 1

Well, recently downloading my camera I guess the answer is - I walk with Sita and take in the sites of this pretty place. The lake and the buildings of this great little town. the burgher's house dates from 1589 when the village burned to the ground. the town hall a beautiful 1920's vision of classical proportion -what post modernism could have been-the streets of shops with displays on the pathways- no fear of snatch and go. oh yea brent and sita walking to the bus each morning.

lørdag, juli 15, 2006

If it is july this must be denmark

With all the travel? its been hard to keep the blog uptodate so a quick update of the past few months:

April 2006:
With Sita(my dog)on her way to dublin to join brent-the house sold and our stuff in storage it was time to say farewell for now and what a great "bon voyage"it was with all the beautiful friends in new zealand. hugs and kisses to you all.

May 2006:
Dublin Ireland - finally after months of phone calls- brent met me at the airport and sita greeted me at our new home on north great george street. one of dublin's forgoten treasures of georgian architecture, the street is mostly georgian design is so elegant and dignified. I can say this part aspect of ireland has been grand.

June 2006:
Spain - woo hoo hot spain with too much to tell-but what a great time sitges was too lovley-
the bars and the chaisers -thank you. great food and what elsearchitecture design and clevery sexy spanish wit... gaudi what a genus.

mandag, juli 10, 2006

The new de young museum san Francisco

Finally after missing out seeing the new de young - last year big winds knocked out the power on the day I arrived- anyway what a great building and an interesting collection of art. Textiles, Pacific cultures and European arts with the eyes of early California really fresh and American. The building is the event though amazing spaces slivers of space link to each other and to internal landscaped courtyards. Color and texture -copper wall panels and the view tower 360*vistas but instead of feeling exposed or trapped in a glass box like most of these types of rooms - the ceiling extends from inside out to form this screen roof that invites the view -great.

mandag, juli 03, 2006

Just a bit homesick

Wanted to show you all the place as it is a wonderful place that I plan to return. Having only lived in New Zealand for 5 years I have come to love the place and its people. Far away from most everyone with everything one really needs. "small but perfectly well formed" as they say-

just to start

my name is charles, just a bit of background. on April 2006 I departed new zealand for a journey to see a bit of the world. here are some pictures and thoughts along the way.