lørdag, juli 15, 2006

If it is july this must be denmark

With all the travel? its been hard to keep the blog uptodate so a quick update of the past few months:

April 2006:
With Sita(my dog)on her way to dublin to join brent-the house sold and our stuff in storage it was time to say farewell for now and what a great "bon voyage"it was with all the beautiful friends in new zealand. hugs and kisses to you all.

May 2006:
Dublin Ireland - finally after months of phone calls- brent met me at the airport and sita greeted me at our new home on north great george street. one of dublin's forgoten treasures of georgian architecture, the street is mostly georgian design is so elegant and dignified. I can say this part aspect of ireland has been grand.

June 2006:
Spain - woo hoo hot spain with too much to tell-but what a great time sitges was too lovley-
the bars and the chaisers -thank you. great food and what elsearchitecture design and clevery sexy spanish wit... gaudi what a genus.