torsdag, august 17, 2006

Old friends in a new town

Well, I have been traveling these last two weeks and here are the highlights-My old friend Marty from cincinnati organised a great trip for us and away we went...

LONDON - last time I was in London I was 8 so lots to catch up on- what a great city not as posh as Paris but easy like I have known this city forever- every place seemed a moment with the past. I was only in London three days so didn't see too much - did a big bus tour -then a day at the British museum and the SOHO pride street festival were I bumped into a few kicks I know from WAIS island! Hello to Andrew and Bruce from rocky bay- great to see you guys. Second day trip to the Tate modern and a close call with a threatening black cyclist in a big hurry. Just when it seemed like old school week - sujata from microsoft new zealand texted me and we met for drinks- too much.

RIGA, Latvia - Interesting city with a unfortunate history but on its way to a bright future -great people with a good spirit about them you can sense the energy of the city. Lovely old town, walkable and interesting - the market built in a group of 1930's zepplin barns is terrific.

TALLIN, Estonia - with a similar history of occupation, the Russians, the soviets,the natsi and the soviets again- tallin has better bones than Riga but not much of the spirit, a lot of poor drunk displaced Russians about and the Estonian almost seemed sarcastic and a bit offput. The place lacks the feel of a living city with the full set up of tourist junk about- not much real living in tallin old city.

HELSINKI, Finland - can't say what it was about Helsinki- great streets with people enjoying the summer wide historic places and finish design. alvar alto, sarinen and marimeko. Smoked fish by the sea and a boat ride to the outer islands

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - what a great city-so easy to arrive at the airport and direct train to the main station. Would like to spend more time here to live a bit in the place- 20 kroner deposit for a free bycyle and a really fun day.

ROSKILDE, Denmark - beautiful small village that features 38 royal graves in one church really interesting history and 35mins from Copenhagen.

KOLDING, Denmark - Last stop, while I was gone Brent assembled all the furniture from ikea- instant apartment. Funny it all reminds me of my brothers place in detoit in the 70's and my apartment in Cincinnati.